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What is On Task?

On Task is the most powerful, most flexible, behavior data collection tool available on the App Store. On Task's easy to use interface intuitively helps you collect data about the behavior of your student. Where On Task really shines, however, is in its data presentation, combining easy to read raw data with polished charts and our exclusive TimelineTM technology.

Who is On Task for?

On Task is designed for use by a variety of professionals in a range of settings. Whether you're a teacher, a behaviorist, a psychologist, or a parent, On Task's high level of customization allows you to tailor fit the app for your and your student's goals.

Why should I use On Task?

Simply put, there is no other app available on the App Store that does what On Task does to the degree it does it. Other apps are available that collect data, but we put our focus into turning your data into something immediately useful! On Task was built by experienced educators, who know what this app needed to make it the most powerful of its kind on the App Store!


Only On Task has TimelineTM

With Timeline, On Task turns data into a powerful visualization tool. At a glance, see whether a student takes a while to get involved, or if they lose focus at the end of a session. Easily see which activities keep the student's attention, and which make their minds wander. Timeline lets you note if teacher redirects have any effect, and whether that effect is long-lasting or short-lived. Timeline does all this and more, and only On Task has it.


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